Today’s Bottle: Amity Vineyards Pinot Blanc 2010

It’s Tuesday and time for some chicken, mushroom and artichoke pasta that called for some white wine. So why not open a bottle we picked up in Willamette Valley, Oregon? It’s a good excuse to drink the leftover wine too! 

The bottle is a pinot blanc and the vineyard is Amity. We drove quite a ways to find this winery when we were visiting Willamette over the summer. Steve has a coworker who recommended it to us so we made sure to try it.

This $16 bottle stood out to us so we decided to bring a bottle home. We found that we really enjoyed the acidity in the white wine in Willamette. And that’s exactly what we found in this bottle. Here’s what we both thought:

2x3 back label amity pb Jane Says

I love to cook and when this recipe called for white wine, I jumped at the chance to open the pinot blanc from Willamette. I remembered our visit to the winery and how down home the tasting room was. Half the joy of going to wine country is coming home and remembering the adventure of finding each bottle. This wine has a really unique taste. It has a lot of acid but it’s not overwhelming. I found myself saying, how interesting, after my first sip. I enjoyed the bottle and want to thank Steve’s coworker for the recommendation.

3 out of 5

Steve Says

This is an unusual bottle. I suppose it should be since I’ve only had a handful of pinot blancs. It’s a soft straw color and the nose has a subtle fragrance that is eluding my description. It’s, not green pepper, but a slight green viney aromatic, if that makes any sense at all. On the palate it shows just a tad of butteryness which is followed up by a contrasting dose of acid that balances off the bottle really well. If I tasted this blind I might think that it’s a dry Reisling with really subtle aromatics. For $16 its a steal and it paired well with the chicken, artichokes and pasta in wine sauce.

3 out of 5

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