Four Value Bottles from

We were recently asked by to try some of their value wine and let them know what we thought about them. We of course are happy to try any wine and we will give honest reviews.

We had the reds at a Thanksgiving party with friends. And we are sipping the whites this evening with a dinner of pork and stuffing and roasted broccoli and zucchini. They all seem to go well with food!

Here are the bottles that were sent to us. Each have pretty labels and would look lovely on your table:

Tuscan Sun

Tuscan Sun Pensiero

This bottle is a 2012 Pinot Grigio from Tuscany, Italy. Pinot Grigios are often acidic but this particular bottle isn’t overly so. It has a round, smooth mouthful with a pleasant grapefruit nose that is similar to a sauvignon blanc. $13.99

Tuscan Sun Tondo TondoTuscan Sun Red

Subtly sweet with a light/transparent color and a touch of dryness, this 2011 100% Sangiovese went well with our friends’ Thanksgiving dinner. $13.99

Fat Louis GreetingsFat Luis

A blend of 50% Grenache, 30% Carignan, 20% Sauvignon, this 2013 French white has a bold and assertive presence. We tasted green apple and a hint of grassiness. We could see this bottle being a good summer sipper. $11.99

Siciliana NeroSicililiana

This bottle is a 2013 Italian Nero d’Avalo from Sicily, Italy. We found it to be a full-bodied sweet red wine with some acidity. For those who like the French Beaujolais Nouveau, this could be an Italian equivalent. $12.99
So what did we think overall? We feel that has a wide variety of economical bottles. Of these bottles that were sent to us, Steve and I found our favorite to be the Tuscan Sun Tondo Tondo – the 100% Sangiovese.
We appreciate being given the opportunity to try the wine from and share our thoughts with all of you!

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