A Day in Walla Walla, WA Wine Country

Last summer we went to Walla Walla, Washington for our 20th Wedding Anniversary and we had a such a lovely time. We realized that we had a ton of images from the trip that we wanted to still share. So here is a Day in Walla Walla!

Jane looked around at a few different places to stay while visiting Walla Walla and we settled on Walla Faces. They have two locations – one on their vineyard and one in downtown Walla Walla. We stayed at the Walla Faces Downtown because the vineyard rooms were already booked. And we were happy to be downtown. The apartments are above the Walla Faces tasting room, and we have to say that their wine is great. They even leave a bottle for you in your room for when you arrive. It was probably one of the nicer, more economical wines of our trip.

Living Room at WFIWalla Faces Wine


Nice Kitchen WFI






Walla Faces Living Room

A Great Bed at WFI





The Walla Faces apartment we stayed in was huge. It was larger than our condo at home in LA and it had a washer and dryer in the unit and a full kitchen. We were so happy to have a place that felt like a real home. We could do our laundry after a week of traveling already and make home-cooked meals, which we were definitely craving after eating out so much.

The location is in walking distance to a lot of tasting rooms including Charles Smith Wines, where we would end up each evening for a tasting or a glass of wine. They have a really nice tasting room, with beautiful modern furniture and a nice patio if you want to sit outside. We opted for inside as it was the middle of July and hot!

The Charles Smith Tasting Room 2 The List at Charles Smith The Charles Smith Tasting Room The Patio at Charles Smith














Next on our list was Pepper Bridge Winery. We had heard a lot of great things about Pepper Bridge from a number of sources. And they lived up to all the hype. They have a really amazing bold Cabernet Sauvignon and a nice, rich Merlot and other beautiful deep reds. We highly recommend a stop by this tasting room. It’s a beautiful setting and the tasting room server was really nice. She didn’t even charge us a tasting fee once she heard we were bloggers. We always like that treatment!

Steve Sniffing at Pepper Bridge Chatting with Kim Three Tasty Bottles Quite a Room Reineger Sign


In fact, Walla Walla is probably one of the most welcoming wine countries to bloggers. Everywhere we went we were offered discounts and most gave us free tastings, just because we mentioned having a blog. We never ask for discounts or free tastings but when they are offered, we are happy to take them! And Walla Walla was very welcoming in that regard.

After Pepper Bridge Winery, we made our way to Walla Walla’s Wine Incubator (here is an article about the Incubator: “Newly Hatched: Walla Walla’s Wine Incubator”), which is a unique concept intended to help up and coming winemakers. Built largely with state funds, the Incubator consists of five buildings in which winemakers can store barrels of wine and have a small tasting room for their wines. It’s intended for small producers, about 1,000 cases of wine annually. We’ve heard that a brewery was due to join the Incubator after our trip so it’s not just wine anymore.

Cavu Exterior The Cavu Tasting Room The Cavu Tasting Selection Incubator Row, Walla Walla

And after our day of tasting, we went back to our Walla Faces apartment where we made dinner each night and collapsed from a lovely day of relaxing and enjoying the big, beautiful red wine in Walla Walla. Overall, Walla Walla has really lovely, deep, rich reds. Their Syrahs are beautiful. We will definitely keep drinking Walla Walla’s amazing wine and so should you!

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