Wine Bloggers Conference 2013 Here We Come!

It’s time! Time to depart for our adventure at the 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference. We fly out tomorrow morning.

First, yes, there is such a thing as the Wine Bloggers Conference (our friends have asked) and we are so glad it exists. We get to meet others like us – people obsessed with wine. Go winos! And we get to explore new wine regions that we may have never been able to see otherwise. We are all about exploring wine country and taking photos and video – that’s our passion. We have a new camera that can shoot great still photos and video so we’re ready.

Lake Chelan

Our adventure begins in Lake Chelan Wine Valley in Washington, a wine region we never knew existed, and we now get to visit the area and ride a seaplane and enjoy tastings at a number of wineries and partake in a lovely meal at one of them. How cool is that?

When we first started our wine blog, we came across this conference but it wasn’t until this year that we felt we had enough juice (no pun intended) as bloggers to feel worthy of taking part in a conference. Seeing that the conference would be held in British Columbia, Canada, we knew it was probably going to be out of reach for us financially as we all know indie film producers (Jane’s day job) make squat. But then Steve did some research and noticed that they offer scholarships for bloggers to attend. We knew it would be our only hope of attending – especially since it’s our 20th Wedding Anniversary in July and we already had a major trip planned.

Luckily (we’re still pinching ourselves), we were offered a scholarship to attend the conference. We get to partake in such a great event after all. Thanks again to the WBC Scholarship.Lake Chelan Wine Valley

As for our itinerary, we fly to Seattle tomorrow morning. There, we will join a group of other wine bloggers for a pre-excursion to Lake Chelan. We will take a seaplane ride then have a welcome reception at Rio Vista Wines. We’re told they have stunning gardens and a sandy beach and their wine list looks refreshing with Chardonnay, Riesling, Rose and other white blends, along with some reds like Merlot, Cab Sauv and Malbec.


Next, we move on to a tasting and a 4-course meal at Tsillan Cellars and it’s Sorrento’s Ristorante, overlooking Lake Chelan. Sounds stunning and relaxing and delicious.

The following morning, we start off with a bubbly brunch at Karma Vineyards and then go off on a tour of a winery. We had to decide which winery to visit amongst the following: Karma Vineyards, Vin du Lac Winery, Hard Row to Hoe, Mellisoni and The Blending Room by Wine Girl Wines. We wanted to go to them all! We’ll find out which one we will visit when we arrive.










After all this activity, we hop back on our bus and head to the conference in Penticton, BC.

At the conference, we will attend a number of workshops and there is a promise of more excursions to the wineries in the Okanagan Valley. Here’s a map of the area: Okanagan Valley Map.

We had actually heard of the Okanagan Valley. We have friends who live in Vancouver and they have raved to us about the wine from this region. In fact they sent us some suggestions that we hope we can check out while we are there. We aren’t sure of the wines we will be having, which is kind of exciting too. We will be sponges, ready to soak up what this valley has to offer. We’ll keep you posted here and through our Twitter (@2hollywoodwinos) and our Instagram too. We’re still learning Instagram so hopefully we’ll figure it all out – haha! Cheers!


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