The Rare 100% Graciano Ijalba from Rioja 2009

We recently had an awesome family reunion in Zion in Utah. Our lives were put at risk left and right by the great outdoors and we loved every minute. And every evening, we would pull a new wine from the case we brought from California or the case Jane’s sister and husband brought from Washington. Cali and Washington wines in one RV motor coach? Craziness and extremely yummy, among the yummy ones: the Ijalba Graciano 2009 from Vina Ijalba!

Shockingly enough, we had a few bottles left over from the trip and tonight we opened a bottle recommended to us from our friends at Woodland Hills Wine Co. It happened to be from Rioja, Spain (one of our fav areas) and 100% Graciano: Ijalba Graciano 2009.

Graciano? we asked. What’s that? Is it some kind of Grenache? No! It’s a very rare grape that produces low yields and is susceptible to mildew. We were happily surprised to be trying such a rarity.

Jane Says

Wow, wow, wow! I love this wine for the price point. The bottle is only $17 and it’s so interesting. Rich and smooth yet spicy too. Is that even possible? In this bottle it is. I’m so happy I had the chance to try this varietal. What a treat!

4 out of 5

Steve Says

Trying a new wine grape is always a gamble, but taking a chance on this one has really paid off. The garnet red color of the 100% Graciano is appealing to the eyes, while the deep, rich plum and black cherry notes make my nose very happy. This medium bodied bottle has great complexity, especially at its price point of $17. It also shows a nuance of spice with subtle tannin and just a hint of dryness on the finish. This bottle is definitely one of the best quality bargain wines I’ve had in a very long time. I’ve long enjoyed a good bottle from Rioja, and thankfully this is yet another one to add to my buy again list.

4 out of 5




Just the Facts Ma’am

2009 Ijalba Graciano, Rioja

13% alcohol

$17.00/750ml bottle

Available at the Woodland Hills Wine Co. here and online at K&L Wine Merchants here.

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