Malibu Wines Tasting Room

Winemakers in Malibu, California, are making some great wines in Southern California. It’s not enough to have a beautiful Pacific coast; Malibu has wine-friendly terroir and climate too. So if you’re in Southern California, look to Malibu wines as a great option for local wine choices and even winery visits. Malibu boasts long days of […]

2008 Surfrider Cabernet Sauvignon from Rosenthal in Malibu, CA

After a hike in Malibu, Steve and I stumbled upon the Rosenthal tasting room and being the winos that we are, we decided to stop in post-hike. Looking around at the casual tasting room, we didn’t think they’d mind as they seemed super cool and welcoming. Wine after a hike is always welcome (shhh! don’t […]


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