2008 Surfrider Cabernet Sauvignon from Rosenthal in Malibu, CA

After a hike in Malibu, Steve and I stumbled upon the Rosenthal tasting room and being the winos that we are, we decided to stop in post-hike. Looking around at the casual tasting room, we didn’t think they’d mind as they seemed super cool and welcoming. Wine after a hike is always welcome (shhh! don’t tell my doctor! although my doc is pretty hip so he’d probably agree…).

We were pleasantly surprised by the rich reds we were tasting from a Malibu winery. Who’d have thought there was such a good winery in our backyard? So we signed up for their wine club and have been happy ever since.

Since that fateful day hiking and tasting wine, Rosenthal has moved their tasting room a little further down PCH and has sparkling new surroundings. They love it when you bring food to enjoy as you taste the wine.

We’ve come to really look forward to their membership gatherings that give us an excuse to go to Malibu and soak in some sun, sand and liquid relief! Can’t wait for the next one! Here are images from the last membership gathering:

 Jane Says:

The Surfrider Cabernet from Rosenthal makes you smile and think of warm days at the beach with its blue label and surf theme. I always feel a little more relaxed when I’m dreaming of the beach. And with this mindset I tried the Surfrider Cab. I found it had a pleasant vegetal nature with green pepper and black cherry shining through. It was definitely smooth and very drinkable, even without food. Whenever we get a membership shipment from Rosenthal, I cross my fingers there will be a Surfrider inside so I can have some time at the beach.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

 Steve Says: 

I found the Surfrider Cab really agreeable, with significant black cherry on the nose. I also noticed a woody, almost viney flavor to it (Jane’s green pepper note is pretty close too). On other wines this green vineyness could have been a disaster, but here it was checked enough to add to the wine’s overall complexity. In general I found this bottle to be nicely balanced between sweetness and soft round tannins which made it a pleasure to drink.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Just the Facts Ma’am

2008 Surfrider, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malibu Newton Canyon

14.9% alcohol

$30.00/750ml bottle

Available at the Rosenthal Tasting Room and Cornell Winery, Agoura, CA

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