Stags’ Leap 2009 Napa Valley Petite Sirah

Not too long ago I celebrated (read-made it through) yet another birthday. I was happy to receive a gift card from a coworker so I ambled off to my neighborhood Bevmo to see what special birthday beverage could be found. An aside regarding Bevmo, while many consumers are drawn in to the stores by their sales, I personally have found it very difficult to find great wines there at a good price. Certainly you can pick up numerous daily drinkers in the store, but on the whole I find that most inexpensive bottles have little personality and taste not much better than the ubiquitous two buck chuck. Than being said, after spending way too much time looking for a bottle that might be fitting for a self picked birthday gift I settled on this one. The choice was made easier since Jane and I have of late been enjoying many Petit Sirah’s, the big bold richness found in many is right up our alley. This one is priced at $35, which seems in line for a special occasion wine. One would expect it to be good since Stags Leap Winery has a long history, they have been growing grapes under one name or another in the Napa valley since the 1890’s.

Stags Leap 2009 Napa Valley Petit Sirah

Stags Leap 2009 Napa Valley Petit Sirah





Steve Says:

This wine has an absolutely beautiful deep purple red color that drew me in the minute I poured it. Oddly it has very little nose, which I find surprising. I find black cherry, cola and a hint of white pepper on the pallate. The tannins are present but fairly well in check. Honestly the bottle is a pleasure to drink but it doesn’t bowl me over in any one regard. It seems to be a bit light and on the young side. It probably needs some time to open up.

A note as to pricing, after “paying” $35 at Bevmo for the bottle I have since found it on line for as little at $32.00 and the winery sells it for $39.00.  I hate to say it, but it appears that Bevmo does offer fairly competitively priced wines.

3* of 5






Jane Says:

Jane can’t say much since she is in Shanghai, China again for work. Sorry Jane but I couldn’t look at this bottle in the wine fridge for one more day!


Just the facts:

Stags’ Leap 200 Napa Valley Petite Sirah

Alc: 14.1%

Price $32-39.00 for 750 cc bottle













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