Saarloos & Sons Wine and Cupcakes Revisited, Los Olivos, CA

On our way to the San Luis Obispo Film Festival to show one of Jane’s films recently we just had to take a break, stretch our legs and enjoy some sweets and vino. We picked up a quick lunch, then stopped at Saarloos & Sons Vinyard tasting room in Los Olivos, California.

IMG_0031 saarloos ext lowThe last time we visited the area we were on a tight schedule and only had time to try a single cupcake from Saarloos & Sons cupcake counter. It was pretty amazing so we felt that we had to take a closer look at this little gem of a place.

Thankfully, this time around we had the luxury of time and went all out for a six wine and mini cupcake tasting flight. The wine was a mix of white and red and really complemented the cupcakes quite well. Since the featured cupcakes change almost daily I won’t bore you with the details except to say that each one was out of this world in its own way.

I really enjoyed the wine, my favorites were the Groom, a 2010 Grenache Noir Estate Grown bottle  ($32)with a nice blast of spice while still having a medium body that won’t overpower food. Another one that really clicked for me was what they call 194IX or 1949 (they also call it 19IX online, I’m not quite sure which is right). While it’s pricey at $49 it has an amazing depth and leathery, earthiness that really draws me in. The long finish with noticeable but balanced tannin tops off this 2010 bottle really well. It’s also amusing that the label is actually the 1945 wedding invitation of Gilbert and Bertha Saarloos. This Cabernet Sauvingnon and Syrah blend is sure to satisfy.

The tasting room has a great vibe as well. The staff is knowledgeable and easy to talk with without being stuffy or too formal like you can find elsewhere. It’s welcoming with a modern restaurant like feel that puts you at ease while you’re getting hyped up on sugar and great wine.

IMG_0015 Saarloose JaneIMG_0010 Saarloos Cupcakes low











IMG_0024 saarloos room low

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