Oscars 2013 and Wine Tasting Party

We have a tradition of watching the Oscars every year with a group of friends. This year, we decided to make food from some of the regions highlighted in the Best Pictures nominees. And since French influence was a factor in more than one film, we chose three french wines to pair with the meals.

The menu was suggested by Epicurious (here) and included lamb kebobs and rice and spicy chipotle hummus to celebrate Middle East cuisine in Zero Dark Thirty.  Pot-au-feu to celebrate the French in Les Miserables. Django Unchained was represented by asparagus with hazelnuts and tarragon vinaigrette and a potato gratin. We made apple spice cake for Lincoln and a fudgy chocolate birthday cake for Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Everything was absolutely delicious, including the wine. So next time you watch the Oscars think about a theme and pairing your wine to the theme. It makes the night a real event as you make fun of the celebrities 🙂

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