Onda Ristorante, The Mirage Casino, Las Vegas

On the way back from our trip to Zion, we stopped in Las Vegas again. This time, we decided to look for another wine bar in one of the casinos we hadn’t already visited the week before. At that time, we had only found La Cave at Wynn. By the time we tried La Cave, we had already had a wonderful meal at Valentino at the Venetian so our palates were pretty much shot by then. But we could determine that La Cave was fun with a decent selection of wine. We’d recommend checking it out if you are searching for a wine bar in Vegas.

We quickly realized that wine bars are practically nonexistent at the Vegas casinos. What’s up with that? Do gamblers not like drinking wine? You would think there would be one at each casino, but noooo.

We also learned that the casinos are deceivingly far apart. You think, oh, let’s try that place two casinos down and the next thing you know, you’re walking a half hour in sweltering heat. Needless to say, we learned quickly to stick to only one or two casinos on an outing.

So this time around, we decided to stop at Onda Ristorante at the Mirage because Jane wanted to check out the white tigers. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to see the white tigers, plus they wanted $20 each for entry – ouch!

We focused on trying Onda, which had a welcoming design with white brick walls and wine menus on chalkboards. We sat at two bar stools and waited for a bartender to notice us – which we have to admit – took a while. And once he did notice us, he was not as welcoming as the surroundings. He wouldn’t tell us much about the wine selections and seemed annoyed that we only wanted to order one glass of wine. (We were running late to meet back up with family and didn’t have time to drink 2 glasses.)

Because we didn’t feel all that welcomed, we drank the indistinct wine and left as quickly as we came. I don’t think we will be rushing back to that bar anytime soon. And honestly, I don’t think we will be rushing back to Vegas either. But if you find yourself in Vegas and want a nice glass of wine, try La Cave or the bar at Le Cirque or even Valentino and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

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