Highflyer Centerline Red 2008

There’s a small tasting room in Yountville, Napa where Highflyer Centerline Red is poured. The first time we came to this tasting room, Brandon, Sarah, Steve and I were enjoying a stroll down the cute streets of Yountville when lo and behold, we came upon the inviting tasting room of Somerston Wine Co. They had bar stools along a long bar, which drew us in, and we sidled up and asked for tastings and a cheese plate. The cheese was wonderful and the wine even more so.









To top it off, the wine is actually affordable for Napa. If you don’t already know, Napa is probably the most expensive region for tasting fees in California. It’s annoying but Napa is so beautiful (it’s as if you’re inside a painting) and the wine really is amazing so you do begrudgingly open your wallet…


A quick note regarding the Somerston tasting room, they offer live local music as well with their Thursday Night Live music series.






And here’s the bottle that we bought from the Somerston Wine Co.:


Highflyer Centerline and Somerston Wine












Jane Says:

Steve and our friends Brandon and Sarah Trenz and I tried this wine in 2010 and when we visited the area again in 2012, we decided to try it again. Sure enough, our memory served us well. The wine was just as good as we remembered. It tastes of dark chocolate, plum and graphite (or what I like to call lead pencil). It’s super rich and full-bodied and yummy. It’s pretty easy drinking too – smooth and very enjoyable. So if you find yourself walking down the main street of Yountville, check out the Somerston Wine Co. You won’t be disappointed.

4 out of 5


Steve Says:

Since it’s not unusual to see big changes in the same vintner’s grape varietals from year to year, it’s a bit of a crapshoot comparing different vintages of a blend or cuvee. This is where the accomplished winemaker’s skills really come into play in the careful crafting of the wine to produce a degree of consistency year after year. Because I tend to like a good cuvee I gave the Somerston’s Highflyer Centerline another shot, and thankfully it’s a great bottle just like its predecessor. It struck me with a rich front palette, showing big, full body and notes of black cherry and cola. The finish was semi-dry with significant tannin. It’s a superb value at $20; we will be buying more of it!

4 stars out of 5

Just the Facts Ma’am

2008 Highflyer Centerline Red Blend

81% Syrah, 12% Petite Sirah, 3% Zinfandel, and 4% Tempranillio

14.8% alcohol

$20.00/750ml bottle

Available at the Somerson Wine Co. Web site and other online retailers.

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