Ehlers Estate Cabernet Sauvignon “1886” 2008

Steve and I had a crazy August of work and travel but now we’re back!

My birthday was on September 11th and I was looking forward to trying a special bottle for it. I chose the Ehlers Estate flagship “1886” Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ehlers bottle -1886

We bought the bottle last year when we went to Napa with our friends Brandon and Sarah Trenz (our wine country pals).

The Ehlers Estate is unique in that one hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of Ehlers wines is returned to the Leducq Foundation for international cardiovascular research and it’s 100% organic.

We randomly stopped at the beautiful Ehlers tasting room on our Napa trip, and boy, were we glad we did! Their wines are rich, bold and beautiful. The tasting room server was even from Michigan (our home state) and we had a great time talking about the Midwest. We didn’t expect to purchase any wine when we stopped and we ended up buying two bottles of the “1886.”

So how was the bottle, you ask? Here’s what we both thought:

Steve in Sonoma 2Steve Says 

“1886” was an intriguing bottle – up front it showed a beautiful inky red/purple color, almost like a big extracted Syrah. On the nose it was really subtle. First I found rich, sweet plum, but as the bottle opened up I started detecting dark chocolate and baking spice. It definitely had an amazing nose. On the palate it was very smooth with almost no discernible tannin, I was surprised by such a lack of tannin from a classic Napa Cabernet. Even given the barely there tannin it was an amazing bottle for a special occasion.

4.5 stars out of 5

Jane in Los OlivosJane Says

This is a quintessential Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Napa is known for producing some of the most amazing Cabs in the world and this Ehlers Cab does not disappoint. This is the kind of Cab you could sit back and enjoy alone or with food. With such a lovely wine, I find sipping on its own to be the best experience. That way, I can enjoy all of the layers of the wine on its own. I did have some food with this wine since we had it for my birthday dinner but we did have some left over to enjoy after the meal. I found it full-bodied, rich, bold and smooth. A definite favorite!

4.5 out of 5

Ehlers bottle n glass rev-1884

Just the Facts M’am

2008 “1886” Cabernet Sauvignon

St. Helena, Napa Valley




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