Cork Bar, Downtown LA, CA

Sunday afternoon is always a great time to relax and think about taking a field trip. So we decided to travel outside the Valley for an afternoon and went to downtown LA to try Cork Bar.

We noticed that there was lots of street parking, which is always a bonus. Heading inside we noticed that the place was pretty quiet and quickly realized that Sunday is locals day. The one downside was no happy hour on Sunday!

We heard their fontina grilled cheese sandwich was pretty amazing so we ordered it and a grilled veggie sandwich and then dug into their incredibly deep wine list made up of mainly California varietals.

Surprisingly, it’s rare to find a wine bar that specializes in California wines only – seeing that we are in California. Not sure why but that is the case. And California wines, even in California, are probably some of the most expensive wines available. But they are still a favorite of ours!

At Cork Bar, Steve decided to start with the 2008 Buttonwood Cab Franc from Santa Ynez ($11 gls/$42 bottle). It had a beautiful blood red color and finished dry; unfortunately it wasn’t terribly complex or dimensional. Jane went with the Rusack 100% Sangiovese and the JC Cellars Impostor. Both were bold, rich, full-bodied and nicely complex.

My second glass was much more enjoyable, I went with a Blackjack Ranch 2006 Allusion from the Santa Ynez Valley. It had a deep inky red color, rich full mouthfeel and it was very extracted. The finish was clean with just a hint of dryness. It is priced at $18 gls/$68 bottle. As you might imagine, this glass was far superior to the Buttonwood that I started with.

It was a quiet Sunday that turned into a fun, tasty event at Cork Bar. Since its not too far from my work, I will definitely find a reason to come back.


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