Cadre Pinot Noir “The Architects” 2008

From the bottle of Cadre Pinot Noir:

CA DRE – [kah-drey] – noun: a small group that has banded together to further the cause of a larger movement.

Cadre Vineyards pays tribute to the vision of the “The Architects” who helped pioneer the south Central Coast region with the planting of four remarkable Pinot Noir estate vineyards.

This incredible pinot noir is a mix from four vineyards: Laetitia Vineyard 21% – Arroyo Grande Valley, Firepeak Vineyard 20% – Edna Valley, La Encantada Vineyard 34% – Santa Rita Hills, Bien Nacido Vineyard 25% – Santa Maria Valley. What a delightful mix!


We received this bottle in our wine shipment from our Club 1909 membership from the San Luis Obispo region. We had overlooked the San Luis Obispo area for a long time and have recently been introduced to their lovely wine – mainly because Jane’s film Take Me Home played in their film festival! Gotta love it when our movies play festivals in wine country.

Steve Says:

We have had a week of over 100 degree temps in Los Angeles so I was in the mood to try something a bit lighter. This Pinot is very unique, it starts with a pleasing strawberry nose with hints of some earthiness and even-get this- gun powder. It has a rich, smooth depth that is really amazing. There are layers here that really add to the complexity. It’s rare to fine a reasonably priced Pinot that shows this much character. You first find the subtle strawberry sweetness which thankfully is well checked, then you come across this earthiness and soft sulfur on the mid palate, the finish is not really long but this is a reasonably priced Pinot we’re talking about here! I’m already trying to figure out what it takes to order a few more bottles of this one!

I give it at least 4 stars out of 5.

Jane Says:

I am not normally one to jump up and down about a Pinot Noir. I know there are major groupies for Pinot Noir. I’m just not one of them. I like Pinot Noir on a very chill day when I want something light. At those times, Pinot Noir fits the bill perfectly. Tonight, we decided to open the Cadre Pinot Noir from the San Luis Obispo region because we just received it from our wine shipment. Man, what a great way to start the weekend. And it has been a stressful week. I am in post production on a documentary on the Hearst Corporation. I think that says it all! Lots of work to do! And lots of wine needed at the end of the week. Ha! Overall, love this wine. I want more…

4 out of 5 stars.

Just the Facts Ma’am

2008 “The Architects” Pinot Noir Central Coast Cadre Vineyards

100% Pinot Noir

14.3% alcohol

$50.00/750ml bottle

Ten months in 100% one-year old oak.

Open-top fermented for 26 days.

Available at the Cadre Vineyards here.

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