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Enjoying Domaine Chandon

We are two Hollywood winos who love movies and wine. We’ve been accused of making life decisions over a “good bottle of Merlot.”



Jane & Steve at Artesa

About Steve:

My day job is working in the title insurance industry. The running joke around the office is that working in the title business will drive you to drink. I can honestly say that there’s a lot of truth to that statement, and as you might guess, my choice for a drink is wine.


Why wine? There are many reasons, almost too many to say.  The ritual of wine drinking is only part of the attraction to me. Pouring it, swirling it about, admiring its color and sniffing and drinking in its essence all add to the experience. Each bottle has such a distinct personality too. There is something unique and almost indescribable about a great bottle of wine. It can take your senses on a journey. Sharing that journey with friends and family makes it that much more enjoyable.

One of my preferred methods of escaping day-to-day reality is cycling, the other, is visiting wine country. I try to meld the two as much as possible. Usually, upon arrival at our destination, I introduce myself to the locale by taking a ride and exploring the back roads, soaking up the vibe of the place via the quiet solitude of a bicycle. Sure, sometimes I get lost on the unfamiliar roads, but finding my way home is part of the journey.

IMG_0023_1 tc sign j&s low

My goal for the blog is to simply share my experiences with you and hopefully enrich your appreciation of wine and wine country in the process.  I’m basically a self taught, unpretentious wine lover-a wino if you will, who wants to share his obsession with the often magical and ever-changing organism that is wine.

About Jane:

I can’t think of a better evening than watching a movie and drinking a wonderful glass of wine.

Jane tasting at Carr

I make movies by day and drink wine by night. Wine country is our escape. And luckily we live nearby some of the best wine country in the world. We want to share what we’ve learned because we know how challenging it can be to find a great bottle of wine amidst the sea of wine at your local wine store. We’re lovers of good wine and we hope we can make your wine selections a little easier!


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