A Major Provision for Waiting Out the Sandy Storm? Wine

I came across an article today as I was checking up on the East Coast Hurricane Sandy that made me chuckle. Steve and I used to live in NYC so we like to keep tabs on what’s happening over there. We love it so much. So being a little worried, I’ve been checking on the status of the storm.

This article Hurricane Sandy Turns NYC into Ghost Town seemed to comment on how Manhattan, which is normally bustling with people, was now a ghost town as people huddled in their homes. As I kept reading though the article pointed out that one of the top provisions for those in NYC has been none other than our favorite drink: wine.

I can completely understand. If I’m going to be stuck inside wondering how we’re going to make it through a hurricane, I would definitely try to distract myself by opening a lovely bottle of vino. I’d probably even write a blog entry or two about it.

So as we send out our thoughts and prayers to our East Coast friends, we hope you’re enjoying some much-needed down time and a nice vintage. I think mine would have to be the Cab Franc from Pulenta in Argentina. What would yours be?


Pulenta Gran Cab Franc


Sandy, please be gentle to our East Coast!


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