A 2HollywoodWino at Hong Kong Disneyland

Jane is on a film shoot at Hong Kong Disneyland. Live from Hong Kong: I had a lovely meal at the Crystal Lotus restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel last night. Here’s the view from my room:

HK Disneyland Hotel.ViewfromRoomHK Disneyland Hotel.ViewfromRoom2






And we decided to have a lovely wine from John Lasseter’s vineyard in Sonoma. John is the Chief Creative Officer at Disney and Pixar so when in Rome… He directed some of the most beloved Pixar films, including Toy Story (1 & 2) and the Cars films. His wines are so lovely – very smooth and rich. If you ever get a chance to have his wine, definitely go for it. He is creating some very special wines. We had a 2005 red blend from his estate:

Lasseter Red Blend 2005






Wish us luck on the shoot! We are hoping the weather behaves – it’s muggy and rainy at this time – not great conditions for filming. But we are loving the culture, surroundings and the people of Hong Kong. Cheers!

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