2HollywoodWinos Awarded Scholarship to 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference

Thank you to the  WBC (Wine Bloggers Conference) Scholarship Committee for awarding Steve and me (aka 2 Hollywood Winos) a scholarship to attend the 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference in British Columbia – specifically the Okanagan Valley wine country. Check out this article from Wine Spectator about the Okanagan Valley. We’re so excited to attend and so grateful for the monetary support to allow it to happen.

Steve and I started this blog a couple of years ago because we were really enjoying California wine country and tasting wines from around the world. We moved to LA more than ten years ago for my film producing career and we fell in love with the relaxation of wine country. Our careers can be very stressful at times (Who am I kidding? They can be stressful all of the time.) And wine country is an essential retreat for us to get away and enjoy slow-moving days, backroad bicycling, and lovely, calming wines. I remember the first time I went to wine country – it was the Los Olivos region. It was such a fun day that I knew I wanted to keep coming back.

The beauty of wine country to this day inspires me. Napa Valley in Northern California is like living in a painting. It’s that beautiful. Here’s an image that immediately makes me relax just looking at it:

Two Chairs round pond

Round Pond Winery Patio in Napa Valley

For years, we had been gathering images of wine country – Steve is a photographer (he has a BFA in photography). And I am a writer (English degree and worked for 8 years in publishing as editor and writer before my career in filmmaking); I also have an industry-leading filmmaking blog (www.allaboutindiefilmmaking.com). So a blog seemed like a natural extension of our growing love of all things wine. We were gathering amazing imagery on our trips and thought a blog would be a great way to share those images. We also know how challenging it is to find a good bottle of wine. We hope our tastings help break through the noise and provide ideas for wines to be tried.

Nov112011_3711lo res

Rubicon Fountain in Napa


Truett Hurst Winery Stream

We do not earn money from our blog – yet! And I am an independent film producer, which is an up and down career and not a financial gold mine for the amount of time and energy it takes to produce a film. Thus garnering this financial support was huge for us. We would not have been able to attend otherwise.

Purisima Mountain Vineyard in Santa Barbara County

Purisima Mountain Vineyard in Santa Barbara County

We are really looking forward to learning how to make our blog better and stronger and meeting all of the other bloggers and sponsors and speakers and more. We aren’t techie gurus and are self-taught in social media. There’s so much more to know and learn about how to be a premiere blog. And that’s our goal. In addition, we are looking to expand into doing interviews with winemakers and more. That’s our next phase, along with introducing video to our blog.


Jane in Front of Fireplace at Domaine Carneros in Sonoma

So thanks again to the WBC Scholarship Committee for this incredible opportunity. We are truly honored and look forward to thanking you all in person in June! Cheers!

Steve on road to Kuleto

Steve Cycling on the Back Roads in Napa

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