2010 Domaine Charles Audoin Marsannay Cuvee Marie Ragonneau

Upon opening a recent shipment from one of our wine clubs – Wandering Dog Wine Bar, we were pleased to see a French wine included in the box. Since we are Southern California winos we tend to focus on California and other domestic wines. But, as you might imagine we were very glad to have the opportunity to taste and share with our followers this new French bottle that to be honest is a bit outside our comfort zone.

It is a Pinot Noir-based Burgundy wine from the Cote-d’Or region of France. In the past we have sampled with mild trepidation many daily drinker bottles of Cotes du Rhone. I rather enjoyed the green and slightly viney, almost olive-like simple Cotes du Rhones.  However, Jane was less impressed on the whole. We are hoping that this bottle will show us a different side of French wine.

And speaking of a different side, we are in the process of evolving our blog to include audio and also very soon video reviews. Click the link below to hear what Jane and I have to say about this 2010 Marsannay.

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Steve at City Sip




Steve says:

This is a really dry Pinot, definitely the driest I have ever experienced. It’s a bit odd also that it seems to have no nose. It certainly is literally worlds apart from the Lincourt Santa Ynez Pinot Noir that we bought on our last trip to Los Olivos a few weeks back. It’s certainly a decent bottle of wine but it needs some air and you really have to drink it along with food. We tried having a bit with our favorite manchego and crackers and it made all the difference. To be honest I was not impressed by this bottle; it just didn’t seem to have any personality – nothing was memorable.

2.5 stars of 5


Jane in Los Olivos, CA




Jane says:

This certainly isn’t the bottle of wine that you open and enjoy by itself.  It screams to be consumed with food. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t buy this bottle again. I still haven’t been bowled over by much French wine except for the glass of Chateauneuf du Pape we had in Las Vegas last summer.

2 stars of 5


Just the Facts M’am

Domain Charles Audoin, 2010 Marsannay Cuve Marie Ragonneau

2010 Red Burgundy Wine-Pinot Noir

From Cote de Nuits Sub Region



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